Remarkable Results

The mission of Black Swan Strategic Consulting is to work in the best “Digital” interests of our clients at all times! We exist as your “Digital” advocate. Bringing best in class strategy, implementation and accountability for our clients.


World Class Digital Marketing and Strategic Consulting

Digital Marketing & Consulting Strategy

With over 15 years of Digital Marketing experience, I bring custom digital solutions for my clients that are focused on conversion and growth for the business. Because, What else really matters!

Innovative sales & Marketing Automation

The truth is there no longer is a difference between Sales and Marketing. One must inform the other and both must be done well. Automation for both is key to producing a funnel that produces results and in such a way that it is actionable.

Mega Traffic & Conversion

The two things that truly matter. Digital is simple, increase InBound traffic and convert it. The magic is all the work in between!


What Sets Black Swan Apart

We only build custom solutions for our clients! Despite what the firms and agencies may tell you, there isnt a package for you. All companies are inherently different and need a solution that is built for them. Remember that the next time a sales rep is showing you a deck with the Gold package.

Strategic Consulting

Custom Solutions

We analyze your business, we survey the competition, we architect a solution that will be perfect for your company and culture, we implement it with your team, and we optimize the solution so that your business can soar!


Build a team

Staffing your Digital team is both Art and Science. We can find exactly the talent you are looking for, with a proven track record but also be mindful of your culture and fit so that you have the right person to grow with your team. In 15 years I have worked with and hired every Digital position there is and some that don’t exist. Our recruiting team will take the the time to find the right candidates and I will make sure they can execute on exactly what you need.